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My Sister Lives in the Sea

"To read Faith Shearin's My Sister Lives in the Sea is to be a fortunate visitor to the enchanted, haunted island where this wonderful novel-in-stories is set. You'll meet Hazel, the novel's narrator, your perceptive guide. With compassion and humor, she'll tell you about her family: her unconventional mother, her withdrawn father, her beloved, doomed sister. She'll take you on treasure-hunting adventures and Bigfoot-hunting adventures and adventures in lunar-like landscapes. She'll show you sea turtles and stars, fishermen's widows and washed up Hollywood actors; she'll show you a house whose staircase ends in the sea. When the last boat is set to leave the island, you won't want to go. It's that kind of place. It's that kind of book." -- Mark Brazaitis, author of The Incurables and The Rink Girl